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Excellent G603 granite :

Granite Tiles , Granite steps , wall cladding, wall skirting
countertops ,vanity , worktops ,table tops , cabinet tops
Granite for hotel project , home Remanufacturing , airport construction, railway station construction project
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G603 Granite Co.Ltd
G603 Granite is a grey Granite from China

G603 Granite,?Light grey granite.?It is also named Padang Cristallo Granite , Padang White Granite . G603 granite in light color is used to instead white granite , too. As we know , Granite is so different to marble, there is no pure white granite , color of white granite can't be as white as white marble .

Main color: grey      
Density(kg/Cubic meter):?2650
WaterAbsorption: 0.25 - 0.32
CompressiveStrength: 168.0 MPa
Country of origin:     China
Classification:? Grey granite
Availability:    ?2000 square meter per month
Maximum size:?2700 mm x 1700 mm?
Application: Floor tiles, wall tiles, ?strong>outdoor paving ,kerbstone, cubestone
Advantage products :G603 granite paving, G603 granite tiles , G603 granite countertop slabs

Other grey granite?:     Royal Grey granite , G623 Granite, Beauty white
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G603 granite products

G603 granite kerbstone G603 granite countertop G603 granite tiles g603 granite stairs
G603 kerbstone G603 countertops G603 granite Steps, stairs
G603 granite is top granite in China

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