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G603 Granite Tiles , G603 Granite steps , wall cladding, wall skirting
G603 Granite countertops ,vanity , worktops ,table tops , cabinet tops
G603 Granite products for hotel project , home Remanufacturing , airport construction, railway station construction project
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G603 Granite Uses

G603 granite stones, also known as pavers, make an attractive choice for a walkway or patio. They have occassionally been used to pave city streets

G603 granite is sometimes used as curbing because it has a decorative appeal and lasts longer than concrete

We also make a variety tombstones and monuments for both people and animals from G603 granite.

G603 granite makes an excellent choice for countertops and backsplash tile in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room

Why G603 granite is cheaper than most granite ?

Because G603 we supply come from quarry directly , and quarry of G603 locate near to our factory in South of China , short distance is good for saving large amount shipping cost for blocks . Moreove, we always supply G603 for big construction project, large quantity production can lower production cost and management cost .

Why granite is popular?

At the top of the list is granite’s extraordinary natural beauty. With the ability to choose from over 200 granite colors you are assured your countertop will be unique. Granite is by far the most durable of all surfaces used in counter top construction.
Hot pans can be placed on the surface without the worry of burning the surface.  Granite can withstand up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, and disperses the heat throughout its surface area.  Most household knives can be used to cut meat and vegetables directly on the granite surface.  With proper care granite surface are virtually stain proof.

Granite Tile
When granite exterior makes the strong statement for the graciousness and permanence of the structure, granite interior will speak more gently for the elegance and superiority. For residential and commercial flooring application, cold spring granite tile is specifically designed. Granite suits for extreme condition resist wear, deterioration and weathering.

Granite tile is also the product of natural granite stone. It is an igneous rock formed from the liquid magma, and cools itself to form the substance. Granite essentially consist of three mineral namely feldspar, quartz and mica. These minerals occur in different proposition, giving difference in color, texture and structural characteristic.

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