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G603 granite paving and Kerbstone

Granite is an igneous stone that is extremely hard, dense and resistant to scratches and acid etching. It is an ideal stone for use in paving applications.

G603 granite is very famous in China and all over the world , especially for outdoor paving using.

G603 granite pavings are used in garden patios‚ pathways‚ driveways‚ market places, streetscapes square and walking street . surface finish can be flamed , honed , bush hammered , nature , natural split , it depends on project request.

Popular sizes : 10*10*10 cm, 30x30x3,40*40*3cm, 8*8*8cm, 50*50*4cm , 100*20*8cm

For big outdoor project as square , parking area , G603 flamed pavings are used mostly . Light grey color of flamed G603 is another pretty , different to polished G603 .

G603 granite kerbstone is shipped to Italy , Korea, Japan , UAE etc. Kerbstone. Shape can be curve , square , and other shape according to project request .

Origin G603 granite quarry has been close . Most G603 granite in stone market for paving is new G603.

Compare picture for New G603 flamed and origin g603 flamed

g603 flamed

Various surface
G603 POLISHED G603 flamed G603 nature
Natural split
G603 sand G603 bush hammered G603 lychee
G603 Sandblasted
Bush Hammered
G603 Lychee

Popular products: G603 paving in city suquare ,G603 garden paving,G603 paving for park

G603 kerb pineapple G603 granite mushroom stone
G603 granite cobble stone
G603 sandblasted granite paving
g603 granite cobbles on mesh G603 kerb rough picked

G603 granite is top granite in China

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