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Tiles ,Granite steps , wall cladding, wall skirting
countertops ,vanity , worktops ,table tops , cabinet tops
Granite for hotel project , home Remanufacturing , airport construction, railway station construction project
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G603 Flamed tiles

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G603 granite ,Grey granite , from quarry in China.
G603 granite Tiles

G603 granite tiles are cut from selected blocks , and fabricated to specification with attention to detail in meeting your expectations as the goal. The granite tiles you get from us are made to impress and perform, and to become a welcome addition in residences and commercial spaces like yours.

Size: 12" x 12" x 3/8 "( 305x305x10 mm ) , 18"x18"x1/2" (457x457x12mm ), 24"x24"x3/4" (600x600x20mm)

G603 Granite slabs

G603 granite slabs are suitable for cutting into different products as floor tiles, kitchen countertops , paving tiles etc. for different project .

Specifications: 2400 mm upx1200mm up , 2400 mm up x 600mm /650mm /700mm

Thickness : 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm etc,

Surface : polished, flamed, bush hammered, honed

Slabs as above sizes are good for cutting into tiles, countertops , borders , wall skirts for construction projects .

G603 slabs cut to size are also available , the popular products are stairs , steps , window sills , kerbs , pavings etc.

Granite Steps will add beauty and long lasting elegance to your house and buildings.Granite and marble structures create a feeling of strength, giving you the knowledge that these structures will last forever.

There is nothing like the look and feel of granite steps, walkways, posts, or other structures to enhance your buildings and houses.

G603 is grey granite which is always used for stairs projects. Both bushed hammer and mirror polished surface are perfect for project. Flamed G603 is also good for outdoor pavings.Comparing to artificial stone , natural granite is more strong and will never lost the color.

G603 granite countertops for both household and commercial applications

All granite countertops are carefully calibrated and polished and bring you the only best quality granite countertops and vanities.


We could calculate reference cost for your upcoming project according to your original project drawings, and produce countertops according to your drawings.

G603 Countertops are often used for kitchen and bathroom project. We always have G603 in production line , for clients from South America, Europe,Asia etc.

Most popular Edge: Bull nose , Eased edge , Bevel edge etc.

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G603 Granite Tile Counter Tops

With granite tiles for your counter top material you will receive the same rich and elegant look in your room that is offered by a slab of granite at a fraction of the cost. Best of all granite tiles can be laid out to look just like a solid piece of granite.

Simply put granite tiles are basically stone polished and cut to shape; their beauty comes from natural processes which have been going on for millions of years. Granite is one of the hardest natural materials that we have, this quality makes it ideal for kitchens and even bathrooms. It has the inherent qualities to withstand the high traffic and daily abuse of a kitchen or bathroom. Its ability to endure and continue to look good makes this tile countertop choice a sensible one also.

Kerbs , outdoor paving, outdoor border

G603 Granite is also good for external project , such as Landscaping kerbstone ,Curbstone, Kerbstone, Paver stone etc.

Size: Lx15x15cm, Lx15x25cm, Lx25x25cm, Lx20x30cm , 40x40x4cm, 10x10x10cm and other custmized sizes.

Surface: flamed , honed , bush hammered ,natural , natual split .

G603 is top granite in China

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